Monday Magic Method™

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         Dearest mover, shaker, entrepreneur, and maker, I see you. 

  • Are you inspired to make your dream life a reality, but need help knowing which tasks will help you earn more money?

  • Do you have moments of great productivity and then weeks when you feel like you're treading water?

  • Do you have great passion, but struggle with discipline when all the to-dos pile up each week?

  • Do you feel thrown off each month when your period comes, and you just wanna stop working and eat chocolate & get your Broad City on?

  • Do you crave more sacred ritual in how you structure your workflow?


This method is your BFF for creating an easy weekly ritual to dodge burnout and get the good shit done!

Perhaps like me, as a self-boss, you too have danced in and out of overwhelm, excitement and some damn low days alone (houseplant babies don't count) in your sweatpants screeching "WHY IS WORKING FOR MYSELF SO HARD?!"

You're not alone, boo.

The most common question I'm asked by biz clients is, "How do I know what is most important in my work and what task to do first?"

After reading hoards of books, attending a bazillion conferences and coaching hundreds of hours -- I've refined and crafted my own signature method to help you find weekly anchoring for not just surviving but thriving the madness of solopreneurship!

This method will support you to approach your work from a sacred place; to honor the myriad of ways we as womxn experience shifts in energy, the phases of the moon, our periods, and more, all in service of productivity and biz growth.

What you get:

〰️ Access to the Monday Magic Method™ (Download once, and print every Monday, foreva!!!)

〰️ FREE BONUS:::: Quarterly Goal Setting worksheets! ($17 value)

〰️ 3 instructional & sassy videos to walk you through the two sets of worksheets! 

〰️ Video special guests include: Sam. Just...Sam. You're welcome.

〰️ Monday Magic Method Notion template!

〰️ $60 credit to join the next Biz Babes Unite!™ Mastermind Circle! 

〰️ Access to our private Biz Babes Unite!™ Facebook community!


            What clients say about the Monday Magic Method™ :

“The Monday Magic Method changed my freakin' life! So much more purpose and direction and it's easy to actually accomplish sh*t when I do it."


"This has been one of the best ways for me to start out my week, organize my thoughts, and create space for my needs. Going through the MMM process each week has been a beautiful journey of checking in, strengthening my intuition, and practicing accountability to myself and my work. It helps with the practical side of getting shit done and creating realistic time blocks... AND Abbi incorporates the emotional side of things with prompts to acknowledge your menstrual cycle and the energies of moon! Thank you Abbi <3" -JAMESA, Los Angeles

" Now that my creativity is starting to flow, having goals is helping me find connection, direction and purpose. It's refreshing. It feels good. And the most magical thing is... it doesn't really feel like work." - Kaileen, Austin

<3 Have questions? Email me: Got get 'em Biz Babe!

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Monday Magic Method™

8 ratings
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